Ikkyû san

30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family | TV Series (1975–1982 )
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.9/10

kkyū-san(一休さん) is a little Buddhist monk who is smart and playful like other children. He often outsmarts adults .The animation based on the historical Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyū that follows his mischievous adventures as a child during his stay at Ankoku-ji Temple.[1] In each episode, Ikkyū relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants. The anime was well received by all ages in Japan and throughout Asia, as it does not rely on violence. Even when violence appears, it is usually presented in a mild or necessary way (for example, there are occasional references to the Ōnin War). A running gag of Ikkyū-san is that whenever Ikkyū is trying to think of a plan, he sits in a lotus position, wets his two index fingers, and rotates them above his head. In 1976, there was also a theatrical film released as part of the Toei Manga Matsui film festival in the summer of that year.